Feather and Fathom–The Light Touch and The Profound–My FREE Art

ALL ARE ORIGINAL WORKS, AT NO COST, AND SHIPPED FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. NO STRINGS ATTACHED EVER!  Artwork comes unmatted and unframed. Join me in my offerings on behalf of art for art’s sake by choosing a selection or posting a comment. Ronald Jones aka RJ at rjones1@gmx.com  Follow me on Twitter: (ronaldjones7) and on Facebook. MUST A WORK OF ART ALWAYS HAVE A PRICE ON IT?  Contrary to received opinion, I believe to give a work of art away to an admirer  INCREASES its non-material value and does not demean the hard work of the artist. Nothing, inflationary market prices , evanescent prides and prejudices, stands in the way between  artist and taker. There should be more free art as an adjunct to priced art, the latter which also has its rightful and necessary place.

SEASCAPE has already been gifted. No longer available.


About Ronald Jones

Books written by me with covers ILLUSTRATED by me include CRUCIBLES OF PASSION, FOURTEEN LAUGHS IN THE FACE OF TRAGEDY, SELECTED POEMS, A SATYR IN DISNEYLAND, and 50 QUICK SKETCHES. I am also the author of COLE'S SECRET JOURNAL, TOKUDA'S LAST SONG, ELEVATOR MUSIC AND OTHER ODD TALES, and a full-length original screenplay, GHOST OF THE WOLF. Most of these titles can be found on any search engine. My individual paintings have gained prominence in private collections and in print.
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